The Organizing Commitee Address: 672014, Chita, 16a Nedorezova st., INREC SB RAS.
The Organizing Commitee Post Address: 672002, Chita, p.o. box 1032
Tel./fax: (3022) 20-61-97; 20-61-84; 20-60-02
Tepliakov Igor

International Sciense and Practice Conference


Russia, Chita , Nedorezov st., 16а November, 20-24, 2017

Dear Colleagues!

Please allow me to invite you to the International Science and Practice Conference titled "The Silk Road. The Trans-Siberian Railway. Adjacent Routes: Economy and Ecology". The organizers of the Conference are the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations of Russia, the Government of the Transbaikal region, the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and the Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology.

The main topics of the Conference are as follows:

  1. The transportation and logistics system of the Eurasian region within the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor program. The current issues of trans-border interaction. The Trans-Siberian railway is the largest Eurasian transport corridor in Russia. It is the gateway to development and intergration into the modern Eurasian super-region. It is a historical and political reality.
  2. The Silk Road to the "green" economy: a balance of economic and ecological objectives. The potential of trans-border cooperation in increasing the efficiency of environmental protection. Trans-border environmental issues and territorial risks.
  3. Tourism - the potential for the modern Eurasian intergration. Trans-border aspects.

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